Sirens to Make Fools of Existance


This is something beautiful someone very close to my heart wrote.

It speaks of finding your strength after heartbreak, and losing yourself all at once. The journey into the deep, cold, and dark. To find your warmth of be lost to the depths.


“Oceans of deep blue anguish
Tempted by Sirens to make fools of existence,
Bio florescent beauty couldn’t mask the tidal force,
Sinking like a stone; Descending without a breathe
In the void of despair glimpses the shine of a pearl
Voices of spirit echo inside the shell
Memories of a presence not known for an eternity,
Beckoning you to return to the inner sanctum of fire
Drifting with the sands of time;
Surrendering to the tears of empty lungs,
In the deepest cave burns a fire of the cosmos fueled by the mother star
The warmth of the brave quest breaks the crust concealing the heart, timid bubbles of hope rise up to the air of destiny,
The Phoenix soars high above the forgotten depths of cold sorrow,
Steaming rocky passions of the soul;
Giving birth to the unexplored lands the mind,
Songs sung of the traveler fall on deaf ears of a world crashing in the distant waves.”

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